Wednesday, January 24, 2007

LEOMINSTER MA: AP Beauregard Hardwood & Tile Review

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City Of Leominster MA - AP Beauregard Hardwood & Tile is a professional installation company that can help bring your beautiful real estate investment to the next level, for yourself, buying or selling...

This Leominster MA real estate floor installation experts are use top floor covering brands like: Wilsonart, Somerset, Pergo, Mirage, Laufen Usa, Hartco, Florida Tile, Exotic, Daltile, Century, and Bruce.

The local floor covering have good menu of specialties: Installation, Wood Floors, Tile, Sales, Porcelain, Old Floors Refinished, Old Floors, Natural Stone, and Hardwoo.

Making the inside and outside of your real estate investment look the best is precisely what this Leominster MA team of floor experts can do... at affordable prices.

For more information use their contact information below:

AP Beauregard Hardwood & Tile
(978) 840-3311
67 N Main St.
Leominster, MA 01453

They do not have a website at this moment...

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Monday, December 18, 2006

Before Investing In Leominster MA Real Estate

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Avoid investing in Loeminster MA Real Estate until you see the next video that reveales, how the slow housing demand can affect your real estate investment in Leominster or Fitchburg MA?

Leominster MA.- Attorney Jack Garson an Real Estate Market expert talk about the low real estate demand issues on an interview with channel ABC. Mr. Garson speak on the interview about the rapidly changing Leominster MA real estate market. Garson offers real estate tips on how Leominster or Fitchburg MA home owners should react and adjust to have a successful real estate business journey.

I hope this real estate video blog help you understand how the market is changing and what to do about it.

As you know a year ago the Leominster MA real estate market was booming, and lots of new investors and home owners were created by this explosive home investing demand. But, that change this in 2006 when houses were on the market for months without a bid, and push sellers and real estate agencies to lower their prices to try to meet demand, but it wasn't enough...

Now house prices are going to the ground and interest rates are ready to meet the sky... Mr. Garson really hit hard on this point on the real estate video above. Watch it and analyze your current situation specially if you live in the area of Fitchburg and Leominster MA.

The real estate market is really hitting places like Boston and Cambridge MA (Massachusetts) but still warm in the area of Fitchburg and Leominster MA. But many are getting scare to invest in Leominster MA real estate because of the rapid change on the housing market... Just make sure you got the right information on the market before doing any investing...

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Do Not Buy A Home In Leominster MA Until You Read This Home Buying Checklist

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Leominster MA.- For those whom are looking into buying a home (new or old), you’ll have a take a close look at this home buying checklist that you’ll want to specifically look into before you make any real estate investment. Here are the home buying checklist of suggestions for the smart homeowner.

Home Buying Checklist Tip 1: First, always ask around among the neighbors before you buy. You’ll be surprised about what might turn up. If there’s been bad blood, a neighbor might be willing to undiscover every issue they know about with the property. They’ll also be able to clue you in to things that may not be a problem with the house in particular but may be with the neighborhood in general. This can include a number of things. Remember to ask about: whether the house or the neighborhood is in a flood zone, whether there are any problem neighbors nearby, whether they know of any previous damage, and whether there is a crime problem. You can probably think of about a dozen other things to ask - talk with several neighbors, and if you find the local gossip, you’ll know everything you need about the house for sale.

Home Buying Checklist Tip 2: At all the time you need to make sure that you keep on file what representations the home owner makes to you about the property - it could come in handy later, especially if there are major undisclosed issues with it.

Home Buying Checklist Tip 3: Search the web - you can always do a search for the name of the property owner and see if you find anything interesting. If there’s something dark or they’re untrustworthy, you want to know about it. By the same token, you can often easily see if they are legitimate that way. Make sure that you’ve had a title search done - your real estate agent will probably take care of it, but it’s a must-have.

Home Buying Checklist Tip 4: Hire a pro to inspect the house if you aren’t good with that sort of thing - or just get someone you trust to take a look. It doesn’t take much to make sure that the property will be a profitable investment.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Is Buying A Fixer Upper The Best Way to Profit From Leominster MA Real Estate?

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Leominster MA.- The huge profits that are reaped everytime you buy Leominster MA homes in bad condition and fixing them all up for resale (also called Fixer Upper Home) it's not consider a real estate secret any more. For a lot of Leominster MA investors is an easy way to profit from the local real estate boom but the truth is that it's a risky business venture and need a lot of your time.

You need to be carefull when trying to choose a Leominster MA home for a fixer upper real estate venture because a house can be a potential money maker, or an investment eating machine. The secret is to master the fixer upper real estate art of distinguishing good from bad.

So, How you do this. Just follow this two fixer upper real estate tips:

- When the fixer upper Leominster home needs inexpensive cosmetic repairs you can double your investment.

- But if the home have big structural problems you can be looking at a real estate investment eating machine. Because fixing this problems are way more expensive and this repairs don't raise the market value of the home in Leominster MA.

Look for a floor plan that shows a great layout with terrible decor, this is the perfect mix for a successful fixer upper venture. All these kind of homes have a excellent real estate ROI (Return on investment) with lower investment from your part.

Thoroughly eye all the major components of the fixer upper home. I recommend you to hire yourself an experienced architect if you planning to make major renovations that includes moving walls or roofing. Also, hire a professional Leominster home inspector to check out any fixer upper home before you make any offer to the realty or home owner.

A crusial factor to the success of a fixer upper home in the Leominster MA area is location. Put your investment on the best neighborhood you can afford, and never over invest for your area, no matter home many great fixer upper homes they have... Just do like the successful home renovators that use the lease option as a method to finance a fixer upper home project. This when the buyer gives the home seller a minimal amount of cash to use on a specific purchase price and then leases the property from the house seller. The buyer use this time to fixes up the fixer upper home. As soon the work is complete, the you exercises the option, finish the purchase, and put the home on the market to sell it to another buyer to make a profit.

When a house has a big structural pest control issues can turn into a good fixer upper investment opportunity. Don't forget to have the home evaluated by a professional before hand to see what it needs to be done.

Make sure to improve the curb appeal or sex appeal of the fixer upper home, because that's what make the sale. So, you need to make the front of the house and the landscaping to look good. Don't forget that you are renovating to resale the home which mean; always paint neutral color, and buy some new inexpensive home fixtures such as:

- Light fixtures
- Door knobs
- Cabinet knobs
- Plumbing stuff

And anything you think can make your fixer upper home have more value for the buyer. Remember this will increase your good reputation which will turn in future real estate business.

Did you know that when real estate prices are climbing is the best time to invest on a fixer upper home? If you want to lower your risk, you can live on the fixer upper home while you get it fix.

Always check out for environmentally hazardous materials on the fixer upper home. Hire a professional to come and double check before you even make an offer.

Fixer upper home renovation projects need to be closely supervised to keep them on budget. So, try to find the best renovation contractor that will do the job and have good project management skills.

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